Inspected by Hacker #8

E.J. Hilbert
2 min readFeb 15, 2018

This weekend while channel surfing I happened on an episode of a TV detective show. The main character is Sherlock Holmes type ex-cop with obsessive compulsive disorder. In this episode he is buying a new shirt but it must be exactly the same shirt he is wearing. It must be a particular brand, with a particular collar, white in color and inspected by #8. #8 is the best inspector, unlike #3 or #5 who always miss things.

He finds his shirt, inspected by #8, only to find out the shirt is not perfect as expected prompting him to say something is wrong with #8.

The story line goes on from there but the #8 reference got me thinking about product quality especially in the tech field and something Jeff Moss said on #Microsoft Modern Workplace episode entitled Hackers Tell All! #ad (FD: I reviewed the episode for Microsoft so this can be construed as an ad)

The episode covers the basics of cyber security but then they start talking about hackers as something other than criminals.

For years I have advised companies to address security by having a team think like hackers. Employ someone to find ways to abuse your systems, software or procedures.

Jeff and Jennifer reiterate that point while also pointing out that hackers are really product testers. Hackers question the propaganda of companies who state their products are un-hackable.

Ill not steal their thunder here, you can check out the episode for yourself

But, it’s an interesting concept, hackers are not all bad guys. Many just see the world in a different way and some use that “sight” to help secure the rest of us.

Just something to consider.



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